About Us

Gail and David

We Love Old Stuff

Business partners, Gail and David (who have 70 years of business and finance experience between them), have combined their antique/vintage knowledge, to set up this business, which will offer a range of interesting items for customers, covering 4 main areas of interest:

  • Antique (up to World War I)
  • Art-deco (1920s to 1940s)
  • Vintage (1950s to 1970s)
  • Contemporary (1980s onwards)

What’s with the colour tags?

All the items in the shop are colour coded with appropriately coloured labels, in order to help you with the age of the item and the labels contain a clear description of what the item is (along with any interesting points).

These colours are as follows:

  • Parchment – antique
  • Green – art deco
  • Yellow – vintage
  • White – contemporary

Vintage Value

Vintage and antique items are excellent value for money, bearing in  mind their quality compared to many modern items.

Antiques Vintage Whitley Bay Newcastle
Antiques Vintage Whitley Bay Newcastle

New Stock, Old Pieces

We have fresh stock arriving on a weekly basis, so it pays to come and visit us on a regular basis!

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198 Park View
Whitley Bay
North Tyneside
NE26 3RE

Opening Hours

Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 11 - 4
Wednesday : 11 - 3
Thursday : 11 - 4
Friday : 11 - 4
Saturday : 10 - 5
Sunday : Closed